A non-profit society that promotes networking among credit & financial executives;
the exchange of ideas, discussion of business trends, challenges & opportunities.
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The name of the society is Western Forum of Credit & Financial Executives Association hereafter referred to as the “Forum.”

The Forum is organized to assist its members in managing risk, understanding changes in the economy/market place, as well as to facilitate networking with peers in continuing development of our career and professional life.

Credit granting, managing accounts receivables and collection of our company funds in today’s business environment is complex and ever changing. Through membership with the Forum, we are able to know the challenges and changes and professionally manage as the Forum works to represent the interests of our members.

Managing Risk, Understanding the Challenges & Changes In The Economy & Marketplace By Networking With Peers

The Forum - Constitution

Representing the interests of our members and the credit industry through periodic publications, meetings and discussions to everything pertaining to the success of members of the Western Forum.

Networking, resources, assistance and support are the key benefits The Forum provides credit industry professionals from a broad array of business and industry types.

Membership in the Forum offers an opportunity to learn about how other businesses, quite diverse from your own, have dealt with certain situations or issues.

The Western Forum of Credit and Financial Executives addresses the needs of the credit industry.

The Purposes of the Forum

The Forum provides an opportunity for Senior Credit/Financial Executives from industries across Canada to come together and share business experience. It provides a forum of discussion of mutual issues, current events and networking opportunities. Additionally, the Forum’s focus has been to address any proposed legislative changes that could materially impact member’s respective businesses. Specifically the Forum carried a strong voice and was an active participant in many of the revisions to the Federal Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. This networking fraternity has proven to be an invaluable resource in meeting the social, political and economic challenges members face.

To promote comradeship amongst credit and financial executives.

The reading of presented papers and the delivery of lectures

To issue copies of abridgement of papers, lectures, records and other memoranda

To install a high standard of professional ability by means of periodic publications

Generally to disseminate professional knowledge – to represent the interests of its members, and to take a general interest in everything pertaining to the successful of the Credit Institute of Canada (the “CIC”)

The Western Forum of Credit and Financial Executives Association was formed in 1975.

The reason the Forum has flourished for over 35 years is because it has consistently provided value for its members:

  • value in the form of entertaining and informative speakers
  • topics of value and interest
  • promote awareness on legislative matters

Topics over the years have included:

  • legislation
  • technology
  • securities and legal issues
  • trade and commerce
  • mediation and arbitration

Our speakers have included well-known business leaders, politicians, economists, lawyers, trustees and bankers.

Long-term members have benefited with the value of attending these periodic presentations. Our ongoing goal is to provide topical and timely programs, networking and comradery.

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Past Presidents

  •  1975-76 – George Wishart
  • 1976-77 – Gus Brett
  •  1977-78 – Bill Schmidt
  •  1978-79 – Bob Tolson
  •  1979-80 – Bob Thompson
  •  1980-81 – Dan Oleksiuk
  •  1981-82 – Betty Petrie
  •  1982-83 – Jack Hartley
  •  1983-84 – Frank Snell
  •  1984-85 – Gerry Mallory
  •  1985-86 – Dave Johnson
  •  1986-87 – Irene Joy
  •  1987-88 – Franck Blaauw
  •  1988-89 – Ray Gibbs
  • 1989-90 – Pam Burton
  • 1990-92 – Bob Briggs
  •  1992-94 – Ernie Gall
  •  1994-96 – Pat Veness
  •  1996-98 – Marlene Spears
  •  1998-00 – Gerry Larson
  •  2000-02 – Dave Lundrigan
  •  2002-04 – Tom Bastable
  •  2004-06 – Mike MacPhee
  •  2006-08 – Pamela Stec
  •  2008-10 – Al Styles
  •  2010-12 – Heather Churcher
  •  2012-14 – Michelle Hendriks
  •  2014-15 – Nancy Goldman
  • 2015-16 – Heather Strack

The Spirit of Jim Crossley Award

Awarded to those members of the Western Forum of Credit & Financial Executives who demonstrate a long term commitment to the Forum, and encourage camaraderie among the members of the credit profession. In 2006 at the Annual General Meeting we made the first presentation of “The Spirit of Jim Crossley Award”. The inaugural recipient was Dan Oleksiuk, as chosen by the Board of Directors.

Past Winners

  • 2006 Dan Oleksiuk
  • 2007 Pam Burton
  • 2008 Frank Snell
  • 2009 Irene Joy
  • 2010 Pam Stec
  • 2011 Not awarded
  • 2012 Bob Briggs
  • 2013 Mike McPhee
  • 2014 Tom Bastable
  • 2016 Al Styles
  • 2017 Not Awarded

Duckie Award Past Winners

Awarded annually to the member with the most memorable experience at the annual AGM Golf Tournament.

  • 1994 Roger Peterson
  • 1996 Gerry Larson
  • 1997 Terry Wilshire
  • 2000 Sharon French
  • 2001 Jim Crossley
  • 2002 Pat Veness
  • 2003 Irene Joy
  • 2004 Darlene McAllister
  • 2005 Don Gifford and Tom Bastable
  • 2006 Nancy Goldman
  • 2007 Kevin Morley
  • 2008 Bob Briggs
  • 2009 Kevin Griffin
  • 2010 George Wilson
  • 2011 TBD
  • 2012 Katie Long
  • 2013 Al Styles
  • 2014 Leigh Stewart
  • 2015 Tom Bastable
  • 2016 Andrea May
  • 2017 Katie Long

Become a Member of The Western Forum of Credit & Financial Executives

As a member you will enjoy the benefits available through our formal quarterly business sessions as well as our social programs. We meet 4 times per year; 3 general meetings and 1 annual general meeting. Membership cost includes meals at meetings as well as the Annual General Meeting & Golf Tournament (excluding hotel and travel costs). The value and benefit make membership with the Forum as easy business case.

Representation from a variety of industries:

  • building materials
  • automotive
  • appliances
  • collections
  • financial services
  • steel
  • electric
  • plumbing
  • concrete
  • food
  • media

Participation also comes from a wide range of financial and agency service providers making the Forum truly a divergent business organization.

We Welcome You

Annual Membership is $325

All applications for Membership will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, in accordance with the By-Laws of the Forum. Upon acceptance, an invoice for the prorated dues will be issued; membership will become effective upon receipt of payment

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Please email to Don Gifford –

The Forum is registered under the Society Act of BC and is a non-profit society.

The Forum provides Annual Achievement Awards for educational excellence for the Credit Institute of Canada CCP program.

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Chair – Stacey Palsenbarg –
Past Chair – Heather Strack –
First Vice Chair/Treasurer – Don Gifford –
Second Vice Chair – Carmel Pickett –
Secretary – Denine Zess –